ONEsource VDP - Variable Data Publishing  

In today's web-based economy, companies are faced with the continued challenge of personalization. There is an increased need for publishing catalogs to businesses and consumers with custom products and pricing. These custom catalogs are documents that can be printed or viewed online. Apsiva ONEsource VDP makes it easy for organizations to author, publish and refresh customized catalogs.

ONEsource VDP is a web to print technology that allows sales reps, customer service reps, dealerships or customers to select and create PDF catalogs over a network such as the World Wide Web or an enterprise LAN. With ONEsource VDP, authorized users can start variable printing processes with the desired content and download finished jobs in the form of PDF files.

Turn-Key Solutions for
> Sales Representatives
> Dealerships & Retail Stores
> Customer Service Reps 

Apsiva implements ONEsource VDP using Adobe's InDesign CS2 Server as the layout software. Output from Apsiva can be customized to a great extent based on templates. These templates can be created using Adobe InDesign CS2. Templates can be created using Adobe InDesign and all it is available features.

Apsiva ONEsource VDP is a unified system that acts as a single content management repository for marketing copy, images and tables and is completely browser based. Hence Apsiva ONEsource VDP elevates enterprise content from standalone system silos to an enterprise level. It offers a powerful single point of control for managing content across the Enterprise. This centralized management of all your content increases efficiency across the value chain while greatly reducing costs.

Apsiva ONEsource VDP can also help organizations with business-critical content in "silos". Organization where knowledge and information authored by the content experts does not get relayed to the end users on a timely fashion can now use ONEsource to author content. This content can then be used for creating variable output. This approach results in internal and external audiences accessing accurate and up-to-date content to buy or sell products, build catalogs, to support customers and to perform other important business processes.

Benefits of ONEsource VDP

  • Differentiate yourselves from your competition with personalized catalogs
  • Incorporate catalog creation as a process in the shopping cart
  • Create marketing and communications materials in PDFs for electronic and print distribution
  • Create customized catalogs and publications On Demand
  • Increase sales and reduce returns with rich, accurate, and actionable content
  • Create multi-channel communications that have consistent content
  • Centralize all content management and improve content and knowledge sharing internally and with strategic partners
  • Increase use and reuse of content across departments, media and customer channels
  • Reduce time to market by reducing cycle time for publishing
  • Reduce costs by delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right user
  • Increase customer satisfaction with better access to product content and literature

ONEsource VDP features

Content Centralization: With ONEsource VDP you can setup one central repository of all your content across the enterprise. Your sales, marketing, operations, customer service, customers and partners access the latest and most accurate product information. With one repository you eliminate the need for redundant data-entry and inconsistencies in data. With all users and systems accessing a single version of your content.

Catalog Shopping Cart: Apsiva ONEsource VDP offers an online catalog and a shopping cart so PDF jobs can be created by submitting the contents of a shopping cart directly. Apsiva ONEsource processes the shopping cart and returns a PDF catalog with the items in the shopping cart.

Printable Documents: With ONEsource VDP, you can create Hi-Rez PDF documents On Demand. Hi-Rez PDF documents can be printed and corresponding Lo-Rez documents can be used for on line viewing.

Customizable Output : Apsiva uses Adobe InDesign CS2 as the layout software to create the output. Hence the output documents can take advantage of all layout options available within Adobe InDesign.

Workflow & Notifications: Apsiva ONEsource VDP comes with built in Workflow and Notifications capability. Once a PDF job is completed, the intended users can be notified via E-mail. PDF documents or PDF catalogs can be directly E-mailed sent to the prospects or recipients. These users can either be the direct consumers of content or the user who started the job.

Job Queuing: Apsiva ONEsource VDP supports PDF job queuing so PDF jobs of higher prioritization can run ahead.

Search: Apsiva ONEsource VDP offers robust search capabilities. Content can be searched using keyword search, part number search, advanced search, parametric search, and category search. ONEsource is browser based, making it easy for your entire organization to be able to access the master catalog.

Security: With ONEsource you can ensure that your content remains accurate by only allowing the privileged users to view and make content updates. With advanced user and role management capabilities you can protect your product content from unauthorized change, while giving content experts better access so they can react quicker to business needs.

Multi-Channel Capabilities: With Apsiva ONEsource, you need to manage content only once for web, print, PDF and CD output. This approach of managing content independent of output makes content across web and print catalogs more consistent. With ONEsource, content can be reused across catalog titles without dual maintenance, thus reducing time-to-market.

Digital Asset Management: With ONEsource you can centralize and organize your images, artwork and documents in a searchable database. All digital assets can be tagged to items and can be searched by keywords or descriptions making it easy to find them when you need them. Your digital assets can be maintained from a browser and can be used in print and VDP output.

On Demand Publishing: With Apsiva ONEsource, you can create custom catalogs for specific markets or for internal usage on the fly. With this capability sales reps can create custom catalogs for your customers anytime from anywhere from a browser. This feature requires an add-on module.

Reporting & Measurement: Apsiva ONEsource comes with several reports out of the box. Some reports include: Item Variance Reports, Category Variance Reports, Cross-Reference Reports, Item Details Reports, etc. You can further enhance reporting during implementation to measure your workflows and product content.

Import/Export: With Import features you can import content provided to you by your manufacturers and suppliers. A variety of import tools are provided to import item data, descriptions, categories, attributes, cross references and assets. You can also export product information in a variety of electronic forms.

Validation: Enforcing rigorous validation rules is easy with ONEsource. Item attributes such as (descriptions, unit of measures, weights and other supply chain data) can be made to conform to standards easily. This makes your content more accurate making your organization more efficient.

Data Integration: With the data integration module your print catalogs can be fully integrated with your ERP system. Descriptions, pricing, and a variety of other operational and item related information can be seamlessly updated. ONEsource can also be used as a syndication engine for your website or other electronic catalogs.

Open Architecture: ONEsource VDP is built from ground up to keep data openly accessible from other systems. Apsiva does not employ any proprietary technologies. The system runs on Windows or Mac operating systems, across networks, over the Internet/Intranet, across major databases, and on all major J2EE application servers.

  ONEsource VDP for Sales Representatives  

ONEsource VDP and WEBsource have been brought together to create a solution so your Sales Representatives can create custom catalogs for your prospects. Now your sales reps can:

  • Author one-to-one letters and communications
  • Create custom catalogs that can be used either for online viewing or printing
  • Create custom catalogs with variable pricing based on customer pricing
  • E-mail catalogs directly to the prospect from an online shopping cart
  • Use customer specific pricing in catalogs
  • Use customer specific product selection
  ONEsource VDP for Dealerships & Retail Stores  

Dealerships and Retail stores can create pricebooks and catalogs on demand using ONEsource VDP. Our solution for dealerships and retail stores include:

  • Publish catalogs at the dealership level with localized pricing
  • Mark-Up or Mark-Down pricing with the click of a button and re-publish catalogs
  • Create signage and labels at the retail store or dealership on-demand
  • E-mail catalogs or product brochures directly to customers
  • Print custom catalogs on-demand for customers
  ONEsource VDP for Customer Service Reps & Call Centers  

Serving existing customers is challenging. With Apsiva ONEsource VDP, and WEBsource, your service reps can access your product catalog instantly. The customer service related features incorporated within WEBsource will help your organization in serving customers better. ONEsource VDP enables your service reps to create and send custom literature to prospects. With ONEsource VDP, Sales reps can:

  • Generate and E-mail product literature to customers and prospects
  • Author one-to-one letters and communications
  • Create custom catalogs that can be used either for online viewing or printing
  • E-mail catalogs directly to the prospect from an online shopping cart
  • Use customer specific pricing in catalogs
  • Use customer specific product selection

Apsiva ONEsource VDP can simplify your catalog access and on demand publishing. With publishable rich, accurate, up-to-date content, your organization will have a way to leverage product content assets across catalogs, employees, departments and organizations saving you valuable time and money.

Call today to see if ONEsource VDP is right for your firm.

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